Would You Hire a Plumber to Build a House?

Probably not. House construction isn’t a plumber’s specialty. It’s not what they’re known for. And not to in any way diminish what they do, but Plumbers plumb.

Just like content writers write. Some generalize. Some specialize. And while it’s true many content writers can write real estate industry content, it’s not necessarily what they’re known for.

I specialize in writing real estate industry content. More particularly, I specialize in writing real estate industry content for Southern Minnesota businesses; builders, developers, Realtors, lenders, engineers. If your business deals with Southern Minnesota real estate, I’m your guy.


Why Just Southern Minnesota?

You can buy, or share to your website, plain-vanilla generic real estate content from any number of sources; Realtor.com, NAR, Inman, and Keeping Current, to name just a few. And the effect of that plain-vanilla generic content – on the traffic to your website – will equate to exactly what you paid for it; next to nothing.

I specialize in creating content for southern Minnesota real estate industry businesses because I know from more than 30-years of industry experience, our clients look to us for information and our opinions on our community and our market. 

Filling your website and social media channels with targeted local content will engage the audience you want to work with. 


You Get More Convincing Copy 


Real Estate Valuation

Any writer can create content explaining, for example, the difference between assessed value and appraised value and the thought process behind both.

But how many content writers on your list of contacts have been both a Certified Property Assessor and an SRA designated real estate appraiser?

As an SRA designated real estate appraiser I’ve valued thousands of homes, small income properties, and agricultural land. I’ve appraised property for condemnation proceedings and acted as an expert witness in court. And besides being a mortgage appraiser and municipal tax assessor, I’ve also acted as a review appraiser for major national underwriters. 

If you need a dependable resource to help answer client questions regarding real estate valuation, I’m only a phone call away.


Real Estate Zoning

Just like real estate valuation, lots of writers can, again, for example, explain the zoning on a property and how it potentially affects development opportunity. Anyone can research that information.

But how many writers on your list have actually been a Zoning Administrator?

As a Zoning Administrator for a cooperative of 12 Townships I’ve written reports for, and guided Townships through the . . .

  • metes and bounds subdivision of land
  • conditional use permits for home and commercial businesses
  • variances to the existing ordinance
  • solar farms
  • wind farms
  • general development plans, preliminary and final plats, and
  • sand mines

. . . to name just a few.

When you need help creating content that explains what can and can’t be done with a particular piece of property; I’m here for you.


Real Estate Sales

What’s the difference between a buyer’s market and a seller’s market? How can a hot market create home-buying challenges? What do I need to be concerned with when buying a home in Minnesota? What’s better; a team of Realtors or a solo-practitioner?

Who better to explain all this and more, than a content writer who has actually been a licensed Realtor?


My Experience

I’ve been involved in the real estate industry since 1983. My past and present experience includes;

  • Licensed Realtor in Wisconsin
  • Certified Level One Wisconsin Property Assessor
  • SRA – Senior Residential Appraiser – Appraisal Institute
  • Licensed Realtor in Minnesota
  • Zoning Administrator – TCPA

I write about real estate. Every. Single. Day.

Call or email to see how I can help you.



MOBILE:  507.951.1761