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It’s next to impossible to out-rank sites like Trulia or Abodo or for search terms like “homes for sale in Rochester,” “homes Woodbury,” or “apartments in Shoreview.” They just have way too much SEO juice. 

But . . . you can beat them by optimizing your website pages for long-tail search terms. As example; “homes for sale in Lincolnshire Rochester MN.”

Does “homes for sale in Lincolnshire” get anywhere near as much traffic as “homes for sale in Rochester?” Of course not. But having your website on page one of Google for even a low-traffic long-tail search term will net you far more traffic than having your site buried on page six for a higher traffic term.

For extra juice, link from the neighborhood guide (and vice versa) on your website to the “What Does the Average Home Look Like” pin on your Pinterest page and a similar Power-point video, with the same info, that you post on YouTube.

Check out the sample neighborhood guide below and then call or email to get started driving traffic to your site.



Living in Lincolnshire

I’ve always liked the Lincolnshire area – even though the thought of it gives me the occasional vision of stern-faced Hobbits running around wearing top hats and tailcoats spouting, “Four score and seven years ago . . .” (insert uproarious laughter here)

Lincolnshire is tucked between West Circle Drive/County Road #22 and 31st Avenue NW, just northwest of the three white – formerly IBM buildings – that are across the street to the north of Target.

The Douglas bike trail borders the western edge of the neighborhood and provides a nice buffer between the homes and the commercial properties further west. With the obvious added bonus of giving you easy access to the extensive Rochester bike trail system.

Finding the Lincolnshire Area

You can enter the neighborhood from two different points;

  • Off West Circle Drive turn east on Members Parkway NW – between the Think Bank admin building and branch office – and follow that to Nottingham Drive NW.
  • Go north on 31st Avenue NW from 41st Street NW and then go west on either Oxford Lane NW or Arbor Drive NW.
    Between Oxford Lane NW and Arbor Drive NW and bordering 31st Avenue NW you’ll see Arborglen Park, which is a really nice green space area that buffers the neighborhood from the commercial properties on the east side of 31st Avenue NW.

Homes in the Lincolnshire Area

Lincolnshire was developed in roughly three different phases. The first area you come to on Arbor Drive NW is actually called Arborglen.

Arborglen is comprised predominantly of split-level and rambler style homes – built in the late 1980’s and early 90’s – in a price range of $150,000 to $200,000.

Further along Arbor Drive to the west, you’ll enter the Lincolnshire subdivisions. Homes along Arbor Drive NW, and to the south, include a mixture of rambler, split-level, and two-story style homes. Homes in this part of the neighborhood were built in the mid-1990’s to early 2000’s and range in price from $200,000 to $300,000 with the occasional home selling on either side of that range.

North of Arbor Drive you’ll find the newer section of Lincolnshire. Homes in this part of the neighborhood were built in the mid-2000’s all the way up to new construction. You’ll again find splits and two stories in a range of $225,000 to $450,000.

Also in this area, north of 48th Street NW, you’ll find the Carriage Homes Townhome development; single level, two-bedroom, two-bath, townhomes that range from $140,000 to $160,000.

Lincolnshire Area Restaurants and Shopping

Lincolnshire is one of those awesome neighborhoods that really doesn’t have any – logical – thru streets. It does of course – if you wanted you could drive through the neighborhood from the Target area to the Walmart area – but why would you when it’s much faster to go around. Consequently, it’s a quiet enclave of well-kept homes on tree-lined streets with all forms of shopping and dining close at hand.

Within a couple miles to the southeast you’ll find the Target Marketplace Area with, among many others, the following;

• Target
• Home Depot
• Five Guys Burgers and Fries
• Jimmy Johns
• Applebees
• Panera
• Taco Bell/Pizza Hut
• Pi Wood Fired Pizza
• Noodle Company
• Chipotle

Slightly more than a mile to the north you’ll find the Walmart North complex and among other businesses, the following;

• Walmart
• Sam’s Club
• Gander Mountain
• Culvers
• Texas Roadhouse
• Buffalo Wildwings

To the east, and again just over a mile, you come to the west Highway 52 Frontage Road where you’ll find a variety of office and retail businesses as well as;

• Carlos O’Kelly’s (Is that really an Irish/Mexican place?;-)
• Broadway Bar and Pizza
• Kwik Trip convenience store

From the Lincolnshire Area to the Rest of Rochester

All the rest that Rochester has to offer is within less than a ten-minute drive of the Lincolnshire area. The following drive times and distances are from within the geographic center of the neighborhood.

  • Apache Mall & Scheels – 5.9 miles – 9-minute drive
  • Target North/Marketplace – 2.3 miles – 6-minute drive
  • Walmart & Sam’s Club – 2.6 miles – 5-minute drive
  • Mayo Clinic & Downtown – 5 miles – 11-minute drive
  • IBM – 2.3 miles – 6-minute drive
  • University Center – 6.6 miles – 15-minute drive
  • Sunset Terrace Elementary School – 3.1 miles – 6-minute drive
  • John Adams Middle School – 3.4 miles – 8-minute drive
  • John Marshall High School – 3.9 miles – 9-minute drive
  • Lourdes High School – 2.3 miles – 5-minute drive
  • Schaeffer Academy – 7.3 miles – 15-minute drive

To the left, on this page, you’ll find on-going statistics for real estate sales within the Lincolnshire area. Marketing times and percent of list price received both compare favorably to other similar neighborhoods in Rochester.

Up and to the left on this page, you’ll see the current listings within the neighborhood. Simply click on any of the pictures to see the full details for that particular home.

And as always, if you have questions about Lincolnshire or any of the other neighborhoods in West/Northwest Rochester you can call, text or email 24/7. See my contact info at the bottom left of the page.

Thanks for stopping by the website and have a great day.




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