Provide Value in a Fun Way

Posted to a site that provides information about the community called, this infographic has more views than any other infographic I’ve created. Why is it so popular you might ask? It provides useful information in a fun way. 

Even if readers aren’t really looking for information on where to get donuts, they read it to see if they agree with your choices. And, when it’s a topic people are passionate about – or at least have a strong opinion about – they’re bound to comment. There are comments on this post about a well-known bakery I’d neglected to include. Which is great – people are interacting with the post.

This idea works great for a variety of topics. The best place to get pizza; the best Bloody Mary in town; or the best tap beer selection. 

But don’t confuse this with, i.e. the best place to get a new home mortgage or the best plumbing contractor in town. Both could provide useful information but the donuts / pizza / bloody mary articles can be much lighter in tone. We can have fun with it.

Without question, the biggest advantage of a post like this is the eyes it brings to your website. Eyes that are there for something other than real estate. Yes, you want people visiting your website for something other than real estate. You should look at your website, and in particular your blog, as the long-game. Your blog should portray you as the local expert. The local expert on everything. 

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