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LEAD GENERATION – Private Jet Charter/Sales

Talk about your niche markets. People able and willing to spend $8,000 to $10,000 – on a one-way charter – to fly say, from Minneapolis to International Falls, Minnesota, are few and far between. Fewer still are those willing to spend two to 20 million dollars for their own light to mid-size private jet. 

Finding potential prospects in this market can be incredibly difficult. Most often, people don’t understand the cost involved in flying private. On the other hand, neither do many people realize the bottom-line cost savings for businesses that utilize private flight. Marketing to this tiny niche requires a lot of separating the wheat from the chaff. 

My client, in this case, Private Jet Solutions, works with high wealth individuals as well as medium to large businesses. And of course, quite often the high wealth individual is also a business owner.

Using the J.J. Hill Reference Library in St. Paul, we generated a list of potential prospects for this mailing. Based on the premise it can be challenging to efficiently transport management between plants/offices on commercial airlines, the targeted prospects had business locations in more than one city around the country.

Typically I write content and copy only; I’m not a graphic designer. In this case, however, I not only wrote all of the copy but also selected and purchased the stock photos and designed this magazine/brochure using Adobe InDesign. In the image below you’ll see the two different covers I designed to A/B test one against the other; we mailed them in clear booklet envelopes. We also included a miniature calculator – imprinted with the Private Jet Solutions name and logo – to make the package “lumpy.”

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