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LEAD GENERATION – Racing Team Sponsorship

Motorsports racing teams live on sponsorship dollars. Doing research for this project I learned NASCAR teams/cars are oftentimes re-stickered for a single race. Getting your company name/logo, for example, on the hood of a NASCAR racer, can run from $250,000 to $400,000 – for a single race. Better hope the driver doesn’t blow an engine on the fifth lap!

With a NASCAR sponsorship, consumer/fans see an advertiser’s logo fly by more than 200 times in a single race. And that happens on as many as 36 different weekends in the NASCAR season. The Salt Flats happens once a year – and that’s if it doesn’t get rained out as it has in several recent years. Bonneville is typically not televised and most of the fans who see the cars run are racers themselves. Attracting a big name sponsor for a Salt Flats racer is a different challenge.

With limited visibility potential, my client needed a big hook to attract sponsors. Unlike the typical salt flats racer that’s hauled to Bonneville on a trailer, Gizmos will drive their racer – 1324 miles cross country – change the rear end and tires, race it into the record books, and then drive it home. We needed to make the most of that fact.

While I’m not a graphic designer, in this case, I not only wrote all the copy but also designed the entire sponsorship booklet. I also created the formal portraits of the 1933 Ford Coupe and the 1932 Ford Roadster on spread five of the PDF.

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