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INFOGRAPHIC – Market Statistics

INFOGRAPHIC – Market Statistics

Market Statistics Infographics

Infographics are to social media and digital marketing what postcards are to direct mail marketing; a colorful way to dispense information – and drive leads – in an easily digestible format.

And as you well know, infographics are everywhere. Any market or business, wherein an understanding, by your potential clients, of statistical data, is beneficial to their understanding of your product or service, can benefit from the use of infographics. Whew! that’s a mouthful. In other words, most people learn and understand better by looking at pictures.

Real estate related businesses are statistically oriented. People want to know the average home price in a neighborhood, the average lot price versus lot size in a new development, the market rental rate in this complex versus that. And as a professional in this industry, you have that information easily at hand.

You can Google infographics and find dozens of sites that let you use their “general” infographics for free. But national home sales averages don’t mean much to the buyer in your city or neighborhood. Nor do national or statewide housing starts or average rental rates. They look pretty on your website and in your social media feed but they don’t benefit your potential clients.

In addition, there’s nothing on the free-to-use infographic that says it came from you. There’s no branding benefit with your name and contact information. 

So . . . I’ll create infographics for you. Using your local statistical data, your image, your contact info, and your team/business color scheme, your infographics will not only be beneficial to your potential clients but to building your brand and bottom line as well.

When you’re ready to look as smart as you really are, give me a call or shoot me an email and we’ll get started on your personalized infographics.



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