Custom Content

Become the go-to authority on anything and everything about your community. I create custom content that targets the people and the community you serve.

Curated Content

As your authority grows your clients will want to know your opinion. Curated content is your take on the best content that already exists on the web.

Case Studies

Case studies allow you to (subtly) brag about your successes. I’ll turn your successful transactions into informative, captivating stories that make you look like the genius you are.


Infographics give you the ability to relay facts and figures in a visually appealing, easily digestible fashion. I’ll create brand-building infographics that relay statistics about your market with your name, your logo and your brand colors

Neighborhood Guides

Think neighborhood-farming gone digital. Individual neighborhood guides are useful, informative, evergreen content that helps build your authority 24/7. 

Social Media

Your social media channels are a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website. I’ll create captivating social media ledes to get more eyeballs reading the content on your site.

Everything Else

From email drip campaigns, postcards, and about pages – to open house brochures, listing descriptions and high-end home catalogs. Dave Meir – Content & Copywriting – is the only content strategist specializing in southern Minnesota real estate content.



MOBILE:  507.951.1761